Pacetti Bay Middle School

An International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program School


 Our Mission Statement

Pacetti Bay Middle School exists to inspire within its students a passion for lifelong learning and a commitment to personal integrity and academic excellence. Students will aspire to be critical thinkers, internationally minded, and responsible global citizens who display a balanced sense of social responsibility for their local community and the world at large.

At Pacetti Bay Middle School, ALL students are IB students! 

 What’s different about an IB MYP Classroom?

In a traditional classroom…

  • The teacher is the center of learning.
  • Subject areas are taught in isolation.
  • Traditional assessments and learning experiences are the norm.
  • Learning is linked to the subject, with hopes that students will make connections to the world on their own.
  • Participation in Languages or the Arts is optional.
  • Service and action in the community are not highlighted.

But in an MYP classroom…

  • Students are the center of learning.
  • Connections are made among all subject areas.
  • Authentic, real-world assessments and learning experiences are a natural part of the classroom.
  • Learning is linked to the world around us through the global contexts.
  • Participation in Languages and the Arts is expected.
  • Service and action in the community is seen as an extension of learning in the classroom.

Basic CMYK



 For more information about the IB MYP Program,

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  • Contact:

Jay Willets, Principal  ([email protected])

Julie Shatto, IB Coordinator ([email protected])

Hannah Hollis, Community Service Coordinator ([email protected])

phone: 905-547-8760