Staff Directory


Jay Willets Principal 547-8763 Email
Twila Powers Assistant Principal 547-8760 Email
Drew Chiodo Assistant Principal 547-8782 Email
Julia Shatto Instructional Literacy Coach 547-8770 Email
Jack Blocker Maintenance Mgr. 547-8760 Email
Pam Henry Exec. Secretary/Bkpr. 547-8763 Email
Gloria James Cafeteria Manager Website Email
Dion James Tech. Specialist 547-8760
Vicki Rhine Computer Operator 547-8760 Email
Kimber Ponce Guidance Secretary/Webmaster 547-8760 Email
Ginny Michalski Guidance Clerk/Attendance 547-8760 Email
Stephanie Acosta Clerk 547-8760 Email
Angie Klein Nurse 547-8760 Email
Dawn Gillis Front Office Clerk/Volunteer Coordinator 547-8760 Email
Courtney Mazerolle ISD Paraprofessional 547-8760 Email
Deans and Deputy
Norris, Kassie Dean 547-8760 Email
Latta, Dustin Dean 547-8760 Email
Deputy Phil Graham Resource Officer 547-8760 Email
Tony Canoura Guidance Counselor
(7th Grade)
Laura Granados Guidance Counselor
(6th Grade)
Kristin Johns Guidance Counselor
(8th Grade)
Media Center
Karin Gowens Media Specialist Website Email
Jennifer McCrary Media Paraprofessional  547-8760 Email
       6th Grade
(Yellow House)
Alaimo, Jen Math Email
Armitage, Cassandra Science Email
Birbal, Allison Science Email
Brown, Sarah Social Studies Email
Connolly, Mary Catherine Math Email
Dulaney-Johnson, Kristina Reading Email
Elmore, Elaine Science Email
Flagler, Emily  Language Arts Email
Green, Brian Social Studies Email
Hodges, Michelle  Social Studies Email
McCay, Aymee Math Email
Pelletier, Greta Math Email
Senko, Laura Language Arts Email
Senko, Martha Language Arts Email
Stohler, Matthew Math Email 
Todrick, Sarah Social Studies Email
Verez, Beth Science Email
     7th Grade
(Green House)
Bailey, Nancy Science Email
Baltzelle, Mary Math Email
Bennett, Anita Reading  Email 
Drake, Lindsay Math Email
Fink, Lisa Social Studies Email
Gionet, Stephanie Social Studies Email
Grigsby, Teresa  Language Arts Email
Hart, Hannah (Hollis) Social Studies
Heck, Julia Math Email
Hicks, Nancy Science Email
Kuhn, Emily Science Email
Ludwig, Katie Language Arts Email
Madora, Courtney Math Email
Manias, John  Science Email
Meadows, William  Language Arts Email
Ryan, Shawn Language Arts Email
Stohler, Matthew Math Email 
Willis, Patricia Social Studies Email 

  8th Grade
(Blue House)
Armitage, Anna Social Studies Email
Baltzelle, Mary Math Email
Barnes, David Social Studies Email 
Carney, Allison  Science/Math Email 
Clark, Brian  Math Email 
Cook, Jenny Language Arts Email
Cooper, Jennifer Social Studies Email
Drake, Jesse Social Studies Email
Gregos, Joey Science Email
Haugen, Mark Science
Lueckert, Michael  Math Email 
Meadows, William Reading Email 
O”Mahony, Tracy Language Arts Email 
Stanfield, Karen Math Email 
Tavill, Stephanie Science Email
Thompson, Della Language Arts Email
 Associate Teacher
Starner, Mystic  Email
Anderson, Heather ESE Email
Bahr, Mia IND Paraprofessional Email
Blade, Tara ESE Email
Dailey, Elizabeth ESE Email
DeVos, Allen IND Email
Flatley, Amanda IND Paraprofessional Email
Green, Sharon ESE Email
Hawkins, Bryn ESE Email
Irizarry, Michele ESE Email
Matthews, Keith IND Paraprofessional Email
Reich, Deborah ESE  Email
Sberna, Hedy ESE Paraprofessional Email
Hawkinson, Daniel Physical Education   Email
O’Shell, Robert Physical Education   Email 
Martel, Kimberly Physical Education   Email 
Ryan, Meghan Physical Education   Email 
Laga, Bruce Technology Email
Lankford, Lisa Technology Email
Herrera, Emily Spanish Email
Lomax, Brenda Spanish Email
Smith, Emily (Poage) Spanish Email
Herx, Ashly  Critical Thinking Email
Acosta, Kristina Critical Thinking Email
Lewis, Andrew Critical Thinking Email
Lewis, Amanda Critical Thinking    Email
Athans, Paula Art Email
Russell, Renata Chorus/Drama Email
Sellers, David Band Website Email
Sylvester, Stephanie  Band/Drama Email