Staff Directory


Willets, Jay Principal 547-8763 [email protected]
Powers, Twila Assistant Principal 547-8764 [email protected]
Chiodo, Drew Assistant Principal 547-8782 [email protected]
Arline, Wenona Assistant Principal 547-8771 [email protected]


Blocker, Jack Maintenance Manager 547-8760 [email protected].us
James, Gloria Cafeteria Manager website [email protected]


Acosta, Stephanie Clerk 547-8760 [email protected]
Gillis, Dawn Front Office Clerk/Volunteer Coordinator 547-8760 [email protected]
Henry, Pam Exec. Secretary/Bookkeeper 547-8763 [email protected]
James, Dion Tech. Specialist 547-8760
Klein, Angie Nurse 547-8760 [email protected]
Mazerolle, Courtney ISD Paraprofessional 547-8760 [email protected]
Michalski, Ginny Guidance Clerk/Attendance 547-8760 [email protected]
Ponce, Kimber Guidance Secretary/Webmaster 547-8773 [email protected]
Rhine, Vicki Computer Operator 547-8760 [email protected]


Norris, Kassie Dean 547-8760 [email protected]
Green, Brian Dean 547-8760 [email protected]
Deputy Bagby Resource Officer 547-8760 [email protected]


White, Joan
6th Grade
School Counselor 547-8760 [email protected]
Canoura, Tony
7th Grade
School Counselor 547-8760 [email protected]
Granados, Laura   (Wed)
8th Grade
School Counselor 547-8760 [email protected]
Johns, Kristin  (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
8th Grade
School Counselor 547-8760 [email protected]


Gowens, Karin Media Specialist Website [email protected]
McCrary, Jennifer Media Paraprofessional 547-8760 [email protected]


(Yellow House)

Alaimo, Jen Math [email protected]
Argentina, Darren Science [email protected]
Armitage, Cassandra Science [email protected]
Flagler, Emily (out on maternity leave) Language Arts (see Mystic Starner) [email protected]
Galison, Angela Science [email protected]
Gates, Beth Science [email protected]
Grimes, Catherine Reading [email protected]
Hodges, Michelle Social Studies [email protected]
Lewis, Amanda Social Studies [email protected]
McCay, Aymee Math [email protected]
Nettles, Jeanne Language Arts [email protected]
Pelletier, Greta Math [email protected]
Senko, Laura Language Arts [email protected]
Senko, Martha Language Arts [email protected]
Starner, Mystic Language Arts (sub for Emily Flagler) [email protected]
Tickle, Shelly Social Studies [email protected]
Todrick, Sarah Social Studies [email protected]
Zentz, Danielle Math [email protected]


(Green House)

Bailey, Nancy Science [email protected]
Baltzelle, Mary Math [email protected]
Bennett, Anita Reading
Drake, Lindsay Math [email protected]
Fink, Lisa Social Studies [email protected]
Gionet, Stephanie Social Studies [email protected]
Grigsby, Teresa Language Arts [email protected]
Hart, Hannah Social Studies [email protected]
Heck, Julia Math [email protected]
Hicks, Nancy Science [email protected]
Kuhn, Emily Science [email protected]
Lewis, Andrew Social Studies [email protected]
Ludwig, Katie Language Arts [email protected]
Madora, Courtney Math [email protected]
Manias, John Science [email protected]
McDaniel, Roger Language Arts [email protected]
Meadows, William Language Arts [email protected]
Ryan, Shawn Language Arts [email protected]
Sims, Savannah Science [email protected]
Stohler, Matthew Math [email protected]
Willis, Patricia Social Studies [email protected]


(Blue House)

Armitage, Anna Social Studies [email protected]
Barnes, David Social Studies [email protected]
Bennett, Anita Reading
Brown, Sarah (out on maternity leave) Social Studies (See Susan Grizzard) [email protected]
Carney, Allison Science [email protected]
Clark, Brian Math [email protected]
Cook, Jenny Language Arts [email protected]
Cooper, Jennifer Social Studies [email protected]
Drake, Jesse Social Studies [email protected]
Drake, Lindsay Math [email protected]
Gregos, Joseph Science [email protected]
Grizzard, Susan Social Studies (Sub for Sarah Brown) [email protected]
Haugen, Mark Science [email protected]
Lewis, Andrew Social Studies [email protected]
McDaniel, Roger Language Arts [email protected]
Rice, Emily Language Arts [email protected]
Sexsion, Yvette Math [email protected]
Sims, Savannah Science [email protected]
Stanfield, Karen Math [email protected]
Tavill, Stephanie Science [email protected]
Thompson, Della Language Arts [email protected]
Waldron, Risa Math  Website [email protected]

Associate Teacher

 Johns, Megan Associate Teacher [email protected]

Instructional Literacy Coach

Shatto, Julia Instructional Literacy Coach 547-8770 [email protected]


Anderson, Heather ESE [email protected]
Argentina, Jennifer ESE [email protected]
Bahr, Mia IND Paraprofessional [email protected]
Bennett, Anita ESE [email protected]
Blade, Tara ESE [email protected]
Brown, Nellie ESE Paraprofessional [email protected]
Dailey, Elizabeth ESE [email protected]
DeVos, Allen IND [email protected]
Dulaney-Johnson, Kristina ESE [email protected]
Flatley, Amanda  (out on maternity Leave) IND Paraprofessional [email protected]
Green, Sharon ESE [email protected]
Hawkins, Bryn ESE [email protected]
Irizarry, Michele ESE [email protected]
Matthews, Keith IND Paraprofessional [email protected]
Reich, Deborah ESE [email protected]
Sberna, Hedy ESE Paraprofessional [email protected]



Hawkinson, Daniel Physical Education [email protected]
O’Shell, Robert Physical Education [email protected]
Martel, Kimberly Physical Education [email protected]
Ryan, Meghan Physical Education [email protected]


Birbal, Allison Technology [email protected]
Laga, Bruce Technology [email protected]
Lankford, Lisa Technology [email protected]


Lomax, Brenda Spanish [email protected]
Santoro, Nicole Spanish [email protected]
Smith, Emily Spanish [email protected]


Acosta, Kristina Research [email protected]
Elmore, Elaine Research  8th grade [email protected]
Herx, Ashly Research [email protected]


Cabrera, Jay Art [email protected]
Post, Julia Art [email protected]
Hutchins, Ryan Journalism [email protected]
Russell, Renata Theater [email protected]
Sellers, David Band Website [email protected]
Carey, Jonathan Music/Band [email protected]