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8th grade leaders helped to usher our 6th grade into middle school with Wildcat flare! Read more...
Most Valuable Partner
Most Valuable Partner



PBMS Accreditation Surveys are now open!
The FLDOE accredits all public schools similar to the manner of public universities.  This accreditation process occurs every five years. Accreditation surveys and inventories are open now through September thirtieth. Schools are responsible for getting survey links out to appropriate stakeholders.  The minimum response for faculty, staff & students is sixty percent. The minimum response for parents is twenty percent.

Links for students (Please copy and paste link into browser):
Survey: http://eprovesurveys.advanc-ed.org/surveys/#/action/28705/14246
Inventory: http://eprovesurveys.advanc-ed.org/surveys/#/action/28711/14246

 Link for Parents (Please copy and paste link into browser):
Survey: http://eprovesurveys.advanc-ed.org/surveys/#/action/28637/14246

Parents Section

The Just for Parents section of the Florida DOE website has helpful information for parents! Parents can sign up to recieve weekly tips and a monthly newsletter highlighting the latest news in Florida education!

Home Access Center (HAC)
Parent Assistant is now the Home Access Center (HAC). You can use the same log-in information from last year. Click here to access the HAC! If you need a username and password, please fill out this form and return it to the guidance office. Learn more about HAC.

Need Assistance?

If you are a person with a disability who needs assistance and plans to attend a school meeting or program, please contact Pacetti Bay Middle School with your specific need at (904) 547-8763.