Staff Directory


Mr. J. Willets Principal 904-547-8763 Email
Ms. T. Needham Assistant Principal 904-547-8764 Email
Ms. W. Arline Assistant Principal 904-547-8771 Email


Mr. J. Blocker Maintenance Manager 904-547-8760 Email
Ms. G. James Cafeteria Manager Cafeteria Website Email


Mr. AJ Beavers Tech Specialist 904-547-8760
Ms. D. Gillis Front Office Clerk/Volunteer Coordinator 904-547-8760 Email
Ms. P. Henry Exec. Secretary/Bookkeeper 904-547-8763 Email
Ms. A. Klein Nurse 904-547-8772 Email
Ms. C. Mazerolle Paraprofessional/PBMS Cheer Coach 904-547-8760 Email
Mr. P. Murphy ISD Paraprofessional 904-547-8760
Ms. C. Nix Guidance Clerk/Attendance 904-547-8760 Email
Ms. V. Rhine Computer Operator 904-547-8767 Email


Mr J Holland Dean 904-547-8785 Email
Ms. M. Ryan Dean 904-547-8774 Email
Deputy Alvarez Resource Officer 904-547-8760 Email


Ms. J. White School Counselor, 6th Grade 904-547-8784 Email
Ms.  J. Cushman School Counselor, 7th Grade 904-547-8768 Email
Mr. R. Seifert School Counselor, 8th Grade 904-547-8769 Email
Ms. K. Ponce Guidance Secretary/Webmaster 904-547-8773 Email


Ms. K. Gowens Media Specialist Media Center Website
Ms. T. Smith Media Paraprofessional 904-547-8760


Ms. E. Duve Math
Ms. A. Galison Science
Ms. B. Gates Science
Ms. M. Hodges Social Studies
Ms. L. Jutte Math
Mr. W. Kennedy Social Studies
Ms. A. McCay Math
Ms. G. Pelletier Math
Ms. K. Schmitz Reading
Ms. L. Senko Language Arts
Ms. M. Sands Language Arts
Ms. S. Sims Science
Ms. M. Starner Language Arts
Ms. S. Tickle Social Studies


Ms. N. Bailey Science
Ms. M. Baltzelle Math
Ms. A. Bennett Reading
Mr. K. Caraher Math
Ms. J. Cook Language Arts
Ms. C. Crawford Social Studies
Ms. T. Grigsby Language Arts
Ms. N. Hicks Science
Ms. E. Jones Science
Ms. A. Lewis Social Studies
Ms. P. Long Social Studies
Ms. C. Madora Math
Mr. J. Manias Science
Ms. A. McCay Math
Mr. W. Meadows Language Arts
Mr. S. Miller Social Studies
Mr. S. Ryan Language Arts


Mr. D. Argentina Science
Ms. A. Bennett Reading
Ms. S. Brown Social Studies
Ms. R. Byrd Math
Ms. A. Carney Science
Mr. B. Clark Math
Mr. B. Cofield Social Studies
Ms. J. Cook Language Arts
Ms. J. Cooper Social Studies
Mr. J. Drake Social Studies
Ms. L. Drake Math
Ms. C. Hennessey Math
Ms. K. Johnson Math
Ms. E. Killian Language Arts
Ms. K. Miller Language Arts
Ms. K. Rider Science
Ms. S. Tavill Science
Ms. D. Thompson Language Arts

Instructional Literacy Coach

Ms. J. Shatto Instructional Literacy Coach 904-547-8770


Ms. H. Anderson ESE Teacher
Ms. M. Bahr ESE Teacher
Ms. T. Blade ESE Teacher
Ms. P. Dixon ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. K. Dulaney-Johnson ESE Teacher
Ms. S. Green ESE Teacher
Ms. B. Hawkins ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Z. Pitts ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. D. Reich ESE Teacher


Ms. L. Drake IND Paraprofessional
Ms. A. Flatley IND Paraprofessional
Ms. A. Rappa IND Paraprofessional
Ms. F. Gold IND Teacher
Ms. S. Kranjc IND Teacher
Ms. V. Gieller IND Paraprofessional



Ms. B. Burgess Physical Education
Ms. K. Martel Physical Education
Mr. R. O’Shell Physical Education
Mr. C. Taylor Physical Education


Ms. C. Felton Technology
Mr. B. Laga Technology
Ms. L. Lankford Technology


Ms. M. Irizarry Spanish/Latin Culture
Ms. B. Lomax Spanish
Ms. J. Elliott Spanish


Ms. K. Acosta Research
Ms. A. Herx Research
Ms. K. Schmitz Research


Mr. J. Cabrera Art
Mr. J. Carey Music/Band
Mr. M. Haynes Theater
Ms. J. Post Art
Ms. K. Schmitz TV Production
Mr. D. Sellers Band Website