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Free Use of High School Outdoor Facilities This Summer

WHERE! EVERYBODY! BELONGS!! (WEB) This was the shout that was ringing through the rafters as our 8th grade leaders helped to usher our 6th grade into middle school with Wildcat flare!  Dean Hawkinson and Mrs. Granados, our WEB leaders, had a full day of activities outlined to assist our students in getting to know what they could expect as a middle school student.  And what better person to help them with learning that information than a two year middle school veteran! Students were ushered into the gymnasium through a welcoming tunnel of high-fives and positive cheers!  After all 475 newbies were gathered in the stands, each was assigned their own personal web-leader who will continue to reach out and support them throughout the year.  These small group break-out sessions are where the real conversations began.  Our 6th graders were able to get to know new friends, ask questions, and feel more confident as they enter their own three year journey.  We began this program last year and know the positive difference it make in our students!  We look forward to a fabulous year as we continue to grow a culture at The Bay…..Where Everybody Belongs!

Pacetti Bay Presents: High School Musical!